The First Time : Men in Saree

My Name is Deepu and my age is seventeen. I lived only with my mother because my father worked in other city. I did my intermediate from college so I am very busy boy in reading, coatching class etc. My mother often went to my father and lived there for one to two weeks. That time I am alone in my house.
One day My mausi came my home to her village and her plan to stay one or two weeks. So it is easy to my mother, going to my father. She left my mausi Geeta to take care of me. My Mami Tanu, lived near my house so she is coming often in my home and talking many hours with my mausi. Both my mami and mausi having her marrige for last year so they talk about her husbands. I hear her talking and feeling fun. So there is fun in my house two ladies and me. Geeta mausi prepared my favourate food daily and create many jokes and funny things.
After three days I returned from coaching and ready to change my dress. I asked Geeta where is my Kurta pajama. She said that It is on the bed. At that time the light gone of my area and I went to bed pick my pajama and change it. When I tied knot on my waist,I feel some strange. At that time the light came and my mausi Geeta laughed havily. I said,"Why are you laughing." She said,"Looked down." I see that I wear her salwar so I feel some stange. She said,"hold down, you looked very petty in salwaar."(meri jaan neeche dekh, salwaar me bade sexy lag rahe ho). At that time my mami came and also laghing to see me and said,"why you wear this." I protect my side and tell her all thing. But Geeta said to Tanu,"Can we dress him in salwwar kameez today"(Kya hum aaj ise salwaar kameez pahna de.) Tanu said,"What a great Idea,lets do it." I think that she is joking but both are serius. I said,"No I dont wear salwar kameez. It is bad idea." Tanu and Geeta think for some time and discuss each other. Geeta said,"We discuss that we dont dress you today. But we dress you tomarrow." I said,"Why you both want to dress me." She said,"Dont be angry, It is for only fun and we did not tell anyone." I tell her that I did not dress. Then she said that last time in my village you insist me to wear my wedding dress then I wear that, so you would dress for me. For more argue discussed and at last I said that I would dress. So Tanu and Geeta make preparation for next day. My mausi said,"tomarrow is my day." I dont think what she plan for me.
Next day I woke up and fresh. Now mausi said, Now go to bath and take this cream and before bath applied it in your body. I did it and take bath. Now I have no hair in my body. Now I have clean and clear body. I came out from bathroom and she gave me panty. I wear it then a bra is tied by her on my back. She used some cotton balls in it .Now it feel like brests.Geeta said that Now the time of blouse.I said,"You tell me about salwaar kameez.I do not wear saree."Geeta said that salwaar kameez is for yesterday but now the time of saree.(salwar kameez to tab pahnati jab tum kal maan jaate par aaj to mai tumhe saree hi pahnaungi.) I dont argue for that because I am wearing bra and panty and bra was very tight to me so I think that crossdressing season passed as early.
Now she wore me in red blouse and petticoat. Then the finally came the red embroidery saree and she tied saree and pinned its pallu to my soldier. I said that I dressed as you tell me. She said,"Take it easy Deepu, it is not over yet."(sabra karo abhi tum ready kahan hui ho). I said,"what do you mean?"She said,"Tanu will come after some time, then she told you. While you enjoy your dress."We wait her for half hour and between this time I think about my dressing. I feel that Geeta tied bra and blouse tight, Also petticoat is very tied on my west. So I feel itching and sweet pain in my back, brest and also waist. Finally Tanu Mami came and told me,"Sorry Deepa I went market for buying things for you, so I am late." What things and why did you call me Deepa?"She said,"The things are surprise for you and you dress in saree so I call you Deepa. Is this not cute. "Geeta started giggling and irritate me by saying me Deepa. Now Tanu said,"Ok Deepa we dressed you in some jwellery."(Ab hum tumhe thode gahne pahnayenge). I asked abaut jwellery. She said,"we dress you in bangles,aklets, earring, neckless and also nose ring."(Hum tumhe churiyan, kundal, payal, nathuni aur har pahnayenge.). I said,"No I cant wear that. It is wrong,you tell me wear only dress."She said,"When did I say that only dress because without makeup and jwellery,you would not dressed fully like girl."(Maine aisa kab kaha kyounki jab tak ladki ki churiya na jhankayen aur payal na khanke aur wo sundar na lage tab tak saree bhandhna bekar hai.) I knew that there is no option so I tried last option to undress saree. But Geeta grab my hand and stopped me and said it is not fare, if you do not co oprate with us otherwise we dress you by force. I say no, I did not wear bangles or Anklets. Between this discussion From Geeta Tanu hold my hands and I hear a click sound in my left hand. I see that a handcuff placed in my one hand and the other side is in the grill of the window. I said shit,Tanu tied my left wrist with window. Now I have only One hand to protect me with my mami and mausi. Then Geeta put on twenty four bangles in my right hand and use another handcuff to tied my right wrist. This time she got an idea and tied my wrist with my right leg So I am standing on my left leg only and my left hand was also helpless. Now Geeta and Tanu start laughing loudly and asked,"Now tell me Deepa what you will do." I cant control of standing but my left hand tied to the window so it is no way that I can sit.Now both ladies start his work. First she applied cream and powder and smooth my face. And eye linar, eye shadow makemy eyes beautiful. Then she said open your mouth for lipstick but I refuse. Geeta press my cheeks and Tanu applied lipstick on my lips.she wore me clip on dangling earrings and a nose ring. At last she put a black hair wig on my head.Now the neckless and anklets also placed in my neck and legs respectively. Finally she untie my bonds and wore me bangles. I asked why you dressed me by force. Tanu answered,"The feel of forced crossdressing is best for you."I said,"So you dress me as you want now leave me."
But she said,"take it easy Deepa,first you look your beauty in mirror."I see myself in the large mirror. I surprised to see my transformation,I look beautiful in red saree,matching jwellery.Tanu said that just a minute and she put bindi on my forehead. I want to undress as early as possible but Tanu and Geeta did not want to undress me early. She irritate me by saying my girly name and comment on my dressing.(Beti Deepa laal saree me to kayamat dha rahi ho aur ye churiyan bajne se bahut mast lag raha hoga. Tumhari khubsurti to mujhse bhi jyada lag rahi hai please jara naach ke dikhao. Jara sharma ke dikhao etc) I do not know how to defend it. Geeta said,"Deepa go and prepare tea for us." I went to kitchen and prepare tea. I dressed whole day in saree and did all house work as cleaning, washing and prepare dinner. Both my mami and mausi create more fun.
We three did not forget this day through out of life and when I are alone in home, I dressed my mom saree and enjoy my crossdressing. So my mami and mausi gave me my new hobby crossdressing. Geeta and Tanu dressed me in saree, salwaar kameez or lehenga when they found the right time and now I enjoy it.