Lavani Dancer :: Crossdresser Performance

Hi I am Manju I am a stage dancer I Perform Maharshtrian folkdance called Lavani. You must be thinking how it is different yes I am different because I am a man. I am one of the five leads who work with our troop. Other four leads are females. I am treated as one of the girls when I am with the group. Off the stage I am like a regular man but on the stage I am like a goddess. Life is great up till now and I enjoy everyday of my life.

Our troop was owned by a wealth old man who loves this art form. The boss passed few days back due to prolong illness. He passed all his possessions to his young daughter Shyama. Shyama studied business management in US and dose not has any idea about our business nor she has any interest in this business. We came to know that Shyama was panning to sell the company and soon we all would be jobless if she go through her plan. We all wanted to stop Shyama from executing her plan. We called her for our performance so to convince her to think otherwise. I took a lead in this. Shyama refuse to see our show so we asked us if we could have a private show for her to which she agreed. Things were set we all were to perform for Shyama at her bungalow on Monday.

I was to make the nessesory arrangements for the show with the help of her maid. On Sunday I visited the venue to see it. Shyama was resting I inspected the hallway which was big enough for the performance if we could do away with the live band. Being a leader I decided that it is just going to be the dancers who will perform over recorded music instead of live one. I conveyed the team about the new development to which they all agreed.

On Monday all girls including myself went at the venue to perform. Shyama was out but was expected to return before the performance. We all used a spare bedroom on the ground floor as green room. We all were ready and we were informed that Shyama was back and was also ready for the performance. Shyama had allocated 1 hour for us saying that she was short f time. One by one we started performing I was to perform at last. I came out of the green room to perform that is when I sow Shyama first time. She was sitting on the center sofa with a glass of some sort of drink in her hand. Shyama was dressed in a business suit. With a cigarette in her hand, her short hair and her attire she looked like a man to me. I put in my best as I wanted to impress her with my performance. As soon my performance was over Shyama congratulated me and offered us drink. Shayama said though she had agreed for only one hour of her time that evening the performance has encouraged her to think otherwise. She wanted one of our representatives to stay back to we can discuss few things. Every one voted that I was the man for the job any way I was the only man around. I agreed and it was final I was to talk with Shyama and help her make her decision. Shyama excused herself for some time as she had other things to finish I was asked to wait in the spare bedroom which we had used as our greenroom.

That was it I was sitting in my costume waiting for Shyama to come back and resume our talks. While I was sitting alone I was thinking about her. She was tall for a woman she was well built also. Most importantly her choice of cloths was what one could describe as men's cloths all the way. The way she carried herself was nothing less than a man. I was impressed by her personality and her confidence. On the other hand though I was a man I was dressed like a woman and was expected to behave like one when I was with her. It was not necessary for me to present myself to Shyama like this but I wanted to attract the man in her with my girly charms. I think I was infatuated by the man portray by Shyama.

After some time the maid announced that Shyama was back and she had summonsed for me. I got up and walked towards to hallway. The ghungroo made a tantalizing sound to announce my arrival in the hallway. Shyama took notice of me and offered me seat next to her on the sofa. Like a shy girl I took seat ensuring that I am occupying minimum space on the sofa. Shyama offered me a drink which I politely refused. Shyama wanted to know about me. So I told her that I am a man who is dancing in her father's troop for last few years as lead female dancer. Shyama was surprised by my statement. She just could not believe that I was a man. I told her that even I could not believe that she was woman. We discussed business prepositions and how fruitful show business could be. We actually lost track of time before the maid asked Shyama if she wanted any thing before she retires for that day. That is when we realized that it was 10 PM Shyama asked the maid if dinner was ready to which she said yes. Once the maid had left for the day we continued chating for some more time. At about 1030 Pm Shyama asked me for dinner I said yes. We both moved towards dinning room. The table was set by the maid. Shyama took head chair and asked me to sit next to her. The food had gone cold which Shyama did not like she asked me if it was ok for us to go out for dinner. I said we do not have to go out we can just reheat the food. Shyama said that she was incapable of reheating the food as she dose not know anything about it and it was better if we could go out for dinner. I said I could not go out dressed like to the way I was dressed. If it was just reheating of the food I would prefer to do that instead of going out. Shyama reluctantly agreed I went in the kitchen to heat the food. In few minutes food was hot which I served in Shyama's plate then in mine. We enjoyed the food and each other's company. After dinner I cleared the place and did the dishes.

It was almost 1145Pm by the time I finished with the kitchen. I wanted to go back home. Shyama was not ready she said I could stay for that night and in the morning her driver could drop me back. She said she could drop me back but it seems that she few drinks extra that night and it was not safe go me go home alone at that time. I reminded her that I was a man and it was ok for me to go back. Shyama insisted that stayed to which I agreed. I was to use the spare bedroom which previously belonged to her girlfriend Nisha who stayed with her for some time. Shyama wanted me to change into Nisha's saree. I soon dressed myself in Nisha's petticoat I change in to her blouse. Nish's blouse fit me like it was made for me. I draped the five yard saree and I was done. My face needed very little make up. I painted my lips to match the saree, put matching glass bangles on my wrist, adjusted my long earings, and wore my open toe high heeled slippers. Then I walked towards the mirror to admire myself. I was pleased with his reflection I knew I could easily pass for a pretty woman or housewife.

The next morning, I woke up feeling calm and fulfilled. I had slept like a satisfied baby and realized it was late morning. my silk saree was in disarray and my hair needed fixing. I started to rearrange my saree and heard the clinging sound of the glass bangles on my wrist. I smiled very pleased with myself. I rearranged the saree, which was crumpled and a little soiled and only then realized that Shyama was still not up.
I freshened up I stripped off my clothes. The sari and blouse I folded carefully and put it on a clothes hanger. I put the under garments along with her used clothes in the corner. The bindi from my fore head was lost in last nights love making. I wore fresh set of undergarments and fresh blouse with another of cotton saree. I went in the kitchen to prepared breakfast. Shyama came up behind me and hugged me. I turned around and hugged her hard. She kissed me lightly on the forehead and I asked her to freshen up while I fix the breakfast.
I had already laid the breakfast on the small dinning table before Shyama arrived. She joined me at the table. She saw how I was blushing like a new wed girl. Shyama lovingly hugged me and told me that she has some plans for the day. We sat down to eat a simple continental breakfast with coffee. We enjoyed this simple meal practically feeding each other. I did the cleaning up while Shyama went to for freshen up.

Shyama called me in her room I rushed in her room. When I was in her room she just grabbed me in her strong arms. She asked me if she could put on some soft music. When the music was on, she noticed the shiver, in my hand as her fingers grazed my body. Her own body was trembling with suppressed emotions. She looked at me and caught my gaze. Our eyes locked onto each other and she knew that she had to make her move now. She took me in her arms and led me in a slow dance. At first I was shy, not having had the chance to slow dance before. She too was nervous as she had not led anyone before. I shivered in her arms like a young girl on her first date. But soon our shyness melted and our bodies merged in each others. She held me close and when my shivering got more intense she raised my face and slowly started kissing him. At first I just let her kiss me but as she continued to kiss me I slowly started responding like a woman, kissing her back with ferocity and melting in her arms. I closed my eyes and just surrendered to her. She felt my hardness climax against her. When my climax was complete she realized that I was very excited and was going to need more "loving". She also noticed me clinging on to her, for support, so she just bent a little, circled my sareed bottom and lifted me up in her arms. I just lay with my head on her shoulder and my arms around her neck, as she continued to dance as she carried me. She noticed that she had carried me quite easily, as though it was a natural thing for her. I too had responded like a woman in her lovers arms. Her lifting me made me feel all the more feminine. We continued slow dancing, with me in her arms. Soon my passion took over and I wrapped my legs around her hips as I started kissing her deeply.
My passionate response to her carrying me invigorated her and she carried me to the bed, like a woman in heat. She laid me, on my back, on the bed and lay besides me. Then she slowly started caressing and petting me till I was responding to her kisses with my own kisses and petting. In a little while I was hard again. She unhooked my blouse and bra. Her fingers found my nipples and started teasing and kneading them. Soon we were hardened and she put her mouth to them and sucked on them making me cry out like a woman, begging for more. Her own desires and needs started bubbling so she pulled down my panties and worked her hand under my buns massaging them. I was moaning like a woman. She flipped me over and kissed and bit my bottoms. She pulled down her own briefs and straddled me. Then bucking on my butt she rode to a throbbing orgasm. I lay crushed under her as she covered me completely.
When we recovered, she pulled on her briefs and lower night suit, while she raised me up so he could re drape and smoothen my saree. She led me to the table, where she took me on her lap and I fed her, interrupted with kisses. She started kissing me once more and soon had me sitting at the edge of the table. My hands went around her neck and legs wrapped around her hips instinctively. She carried me to the bedroom once more. There she took me to the mirror and stood me up. She stood behind me and we posed and smiled. She then did something she had always fantasized about. She took a deep breath, bent down and lifted me up in her arms. Cradled in her arms I felt even more feminine and womanly. I clung to her neck and kissed her making her feel more 'macho'. She carried me to the bed, where she undressed me slowly and when I was completely naked she herself undressed and proceeded to make passionate love to me.