Meenakshi :: Crossdressing Story


I remember, i was in 9th std when my parents decieded to send me to a dance reality show. I was exited as i know it would make me famous. But i cant go as i dont know classical dance. Within a week my mom arranged a classical dance class at a nearby place. The teacher was an old friend of my mom. The class was scheduled 3 days a weak ie. Friday Saturday and Sunday. I knew that i hav to manage the school and dance class together. I went to the class on the next Monday knowing nothing about the class and especting nothing. As my mom orderd i reached there at 4 pm in my cycle. Like me there wer 5 other beginners with a difference that they were girls! Im the only boy. The teacher introduced herself as Ms.Rekha. My mouth opened wide wen i saw her.. she was about 32 years of age with projecting breasts and butts.. She was wearing a peacock green sari with golden borders and matching blouse. She had ornaments like bangles and toerings..Her ears were adorned by 4 earrings in each and had a well placed nosestud shining at her nose.. I tried hard and closed my mouth. She explained that we are about to learn " mohiniyattam" ( a classical dance in kerala) and which is performed by girls only. I felt a shame wen i heard that.She introduced me to other students as her 1st male student. She showd some pics of mohiniyattam dancers and showd some hand "mudras". She then dissmissd the class and told me to come an hour early next day.
The next day I left school immediately after the class.I reached dance class by 3.15..This time there was none in the dance hall exept for Ms.Rekha. I wished her. She asked me what made me to learn mohiniyattam.I told that its my parents will. She said "Its good, but soon it will be your will!".
Next she told me "You cant practice Mohiniyattam in pants ant shirt.
You should wear the recommended dress for practicing Mohiniyattam."
Today I will give u the dress.Follow me.."
My heart was pounding hearing all of these..I couldnt say it was totally unexpected..God i have to remove my clothes and wear a dance uniform.. As orderd i followd her to a room. There she opened a cupboard and took out a set of clothings and kept it in a bed. She told me to remove my cloths.I was so shy that i told her "no i cant".... She told " if u want to learn dance u should" I told her " i cant " and began untying my buttons...and finaly my pants.. "I cant remove my underwear". I told her... " no need for it now" she replied. She gave me the dress in bed and told me to put it was a salwar kamees set.
I wore the bottom first and then salwar top. I felt my dick rising but controlld keeping stil.. She took the duppatta and pinned it on my shoulders.She took me to the mirror. I felt someone inside me showing off.
Wen i reached dance hall, the other students were there. They giggled seeing me in such a dress. They didnt asked me about dress since the strict teacher was with us. She started the class teaching about the imprtance of feminine attitude in Mohiniyattam. She taught a step in which the right hand is to be placed in hips and the left hand to be waved in a particular girlish manner while walking with swaying hips in each direction...She told us to practice it daily which could also devolop a good hip shape in future.The class was over by 6pm..and this time also Rekha Madam called me personally and told "bring your own salwar tomoro dear, i call ur mom and tell to get u one tonight itself. Now u can change your dress". I wished her again and left my class.
I was surprised to see that my mom was already dressed to go out with me. Next moment i was in an auto rikshaw with my mom and we are going to textiles. My mom was so exited and she told me that she sometimes wished if i were her daughter. I smiled with a pounding heart. We reached the famous textiles within half an hour.We went straight to the ladies section and within no time my mother asked for salwar suits. The sales girl had guessed that the salwar is for me by seeing my awkward expressions and she showed me the salwar section. Within no time she throwed a dozen salwar at the table.
Mom was so happy to select the one that suits me. She placed each one in my shoulders and made many calculations in her mind. I found all the salwars intresting and i couldnt choose,so i simply kept quite..and my mother made her decisions.Finally she selected a light blue salwar and matching chudi bottom,a golden one with white bottoms and a black one with golden borders. The sales girl suggested pattiyala bottoms for that one and my mom accepted her suggestion.I wonderd why she is so curious in selecting the dress as im not going to wear it outside or for any occassion. The sales girl added matcing duppattas to the selected salwars from another rack. How am i going to wear all these?..ho..
I was astonished to see that my mom asked for a padded bra to the sales girl and she Immedeately packed one with a large size.I just had a blank look on moms eyes.We went home straight ahead and i was too exhausted due to the busy day that i couldnt try my new dresses.I went for the next dance class earlier than before.This time my teacher was in a yellow salwar.I wished her and she wished me back and told me to change to the new dress that i had bought.I went to a room in the house with my new dress to change.I removed my uniform pants and shirt and was wearing my briefs.I took the golden salwar top from my bag and suddenly i rememberd about the bra.
I put back the top into the bag and took the padded bra,wondering how to wear.It took me 10 minutes to keep the bra in a position to hook.To my surprise it was hooked by rekha mam from behind.I was speechless and shy as I was in underwear.She took white frilled salwar bottom from my bag and lowerd it to the floor for me to step in.I slipped in both my legs inside and within no time she tied a knot in the sides keeping it tight.This time i felt my penis hardening and i couldnt resist the tight feel of salwar bottoms in my hips.Rekha mam showed a skeptic look on me and i understood that she noticed the small change! She told me to rise my hands and she slid the salwar top through my body.She zipped the back of salwar.Now the salwar was fitting firmly to my upper body.I could see my self with two chest bulgings in the nearby mirror.Teacher noticed my admiration in mirror and pinned the duppattas in my shoulders in 'v' shape.
I started to leave as soon as it was completed but Rekhaji holded me by hand and said that im not completed.I asked her wat else are to be done and she spoke nothing but opened a nearby box and took something. She opened it and i realised that it was kajal. I resisted a bit but she forcefully rimmed both my eyes with kajal using her index finger. This time my penis was even stronger.She understood that i am helpless with projecting penis. She used eyebrow pencils and curved my eyebrow shape like dancers.She completed with a black bindi in the centre of my eyebrows.She opened another drawer and took a pair of clipon jumkas.I felt my ears heavy when she clipped it to my ears.She told me that i can go to the practicing hall then.The five girls were already there.To my surprise Rekha mam intreoduced me to them once again.But this time she told evryone to consider me as a girl and to call me 'Meenakshi!' The girls just laughed seeing me and called me meenakshi as if teasing me.I couldnt look at anyones face. Rekha mam orderd me to be in front. I understood that it is to make sure that no other girls see my projection. That day she taught us many beginners steps in Mohiniyattam and i felt much easier to dance in my salwars. The class was over by 6.30pm and i went to room to change. I removed everything in a hurry and Mam helped me to remove earrings and the bra. I packed up everything and left.When i reached home my Mom opened the front door and she hugged me and kissed me in the forehead.I couldnt understand the reason for this strange behaviour.
She told me that i look beautifull,then i realised that im still having the bindi, dark eyebrows and kajal rimmed eyes! With the thought of this again i got aroused.I suddenly ran to my room and closed the door as i dont want my mom to see me aroused. She made noise in the door and yelled to open.But i couldnt control my cock. She told that she wont send me to dance class again if i behave mad like closing door. I know that i hav started enjoying Rekhajis classes and couldnt quit. I used my hands to push my cock down in 'hair pin' shape and used two underwears for safety. I opened the door ready for scoldings from mom. But instead of scoldings she just hugged me and removed my bindi and asked me to take bath and while she prepare food.
I took a nice bath and it was really difficult to clear the trace of kajal and eye brow pencils.When I opened my bedroom door i saw my mom waiting in my room. Seeing this I used the cock-double underwear trick again as a precaution and i wore a towel. When i came out of bathroom she asked me to try her cream frilly satin nighty and i just replied 'no'.
She took the padded bra from my bag and started to trap me inside its feminity.I nodded and repeated the words 'no mom' many times but couldnt move a bit as i felt my inner urge for the protection provided by bra.
Next was the nighty which was sleeveless and silky. I obeyed when she told me to rise my hands up and i felt heavenly when she slid it through me.It was heavier than i thought. My mom showed her happiness by kissing me in cheeks. I also managed to smile which made both of us laugh. She took me to the master bedroom and opened her drawer. She used some lip gloss on by lips and i felt the exitement. She continued taking kajal from the table but i told her that dad would see when he come back fronm office. She told that he will be coming late that day and i will be asleep when he come and i just belived my mom.
She used her finger to line my lover eyes with pitch black kajal and that too heavly.My eye brows were lined with pencils. I felt my unruly cock shaking inside. She decorated my fore head with a long curvy designer bindi. She tried to slide some bangles thru my wrist but it failed as my hands were bigger.Any way she hooped in a fancy bracelet in my left hand and a fancy silver necklace in my neck. My ears were left free as thre was no clip on earring with her which made both of us sad. She fixed a flowery band in my head and that too very tightly.
We started to walk when it was finished and both of us felt a difference of sound while walking. She immeideatly opened her ornament box and took out a pair of silver payals.Within no time my feet was restricted and adorned in noisy payals. We both had dinner together but without a single speech.A call from my father came mentioning that he wont be home that day. After dinner mom asked me to sit with her watching TV serials.But that time i felt that there is some real thing in serials like dressess makeup fashion culture etc.It was 11 pm when i felt too tired and sleepy and my mom told me to sleep with her. I obeyed her and she kissed me in forehead before sleep.The pain that tight bra and hairband gave me became a part of me and i felt no pain again. I felt my mothers warmth when she laid near me hugged me as a mother cares her daughter.
The next morning i wokeup in nighty and mom was thre with coffee.She told me that dad is back but havnt seen me yet. Hearing this i ran to bathroom and changed back to my dressess. I rubbed and rubbed to remove my eye make up and succeeded in it.I got ready for the school and i was eager to put my dressess in bag.The well awaited time came and I was in front of Rekhaji.This time she was wearing a pink salwar. Her hair was made as a bun and jasmine flowers were arranged around it.She wore a gold ring instead of stud in her nose. She orderd me to change and come.That day also she helped me in wearing my bra and she was surprised to see trace of bra straps in my back. I told her all that happened the day before and that i had slept in tight bra. She helped me in wearing salwar and told me to try make up myself.

She then called my mom on phone and they talked and laughed for a while. Meanwhile I opened her makeup box and used eyebrow pencils, kajal and lipstick. My dick was happy and I went to show my teacher that I have completed my makeup. But I was slapped in my upper arms and she scolded me for not wearing bindi. I couldnt control my anger and I rubbed my face trying to remove evrything. This made her to call my mom again and they spoke over phone for a few minutes. She told me that I will get the punishment for this at home. I was stunned to hear that and I managed to awsh my face and reapply my makeup and the bindi again.
Rekhaji was happy then and helped me with a necklace and clip-on jumkas.Though my cock was up I was sad thinking of wat happened before and fearing the unknown punishment. The class was about the way to sync with music and I couldnt sync successfully which made rest of the girls laughing. Rekha madam understood my problem and she told me that I will be happy a week after punishment. The class was dispersed earlier. I changed to my normal dress and removed my makeup and traces. I slowly pedalled my cycle to home thinking of punishment. I espected my mother to be there with a stick in her hand to beat me. But she was at the gate and ready in saree. With a smile she told me that we are going to see a friend of hers and since no one is at home I have to go with her. I was happy that i escaped from the punishment I said Im ready.
It took 15 minutes to go to Nimmi Aunty who is my moms close friend and she runs a beauty parlour in town. We were welcomed inside the house to her living room. She asked me
"have you bought the earring? Which side u want to pierce? " I tried to explain but my mom over toned saying "No, Nimmi havnt bought, but like to pierce both ears" I said NO to both of them and tried to get away to the front door. Mom told me that it was as instructed by Rekha Madam and If I dont obey she wont allow me inside dance class again.
Mom knows my addiction to dance class and dressing then, and i could only obey but partially.
Nimmi aunty told that she have studs with her and cleaned my ear lobes with ethanol cotton swabs.I was looking at a pair of small studs in table while aunty took a long piercing pin and pushed through my left ear lobe. I felt piain when stud was inserted and screwed I couldnt hold longer and i just tried to get away but my mom holded me back in seat and Nimmi aunty pierced my right ear and stud was fixed. She told me not to remove the piercing for a month.My eyes were watery and I nodded.On my way back mom bought me Ice cream to make me happy. My dad was at home when we reached home and he showed his disagreement in piercing my ears through gestures.He was so busy at that time which made a small distance between me and him.
I surprised my friends my school friends the next day by showing off my earstuds.I sat in my classroom with slight pain in both ear lobes which i enjoyed. My next dance class was after a week and I was eager to see Rekha Madam.Immediately after Fridays school i went to the dance class. I wished my teacher and she greeted me back.She told me that i look good with earstuds.
The black salwar was my choice for the day and i directly went to the changing room with the permission of teacher.I removed my uniform and wore my padded bra myself. Within no time i was in black salwar with golden borders in arms and neck. This one was a bit body fitting than the rest. I wore a black pattiyala bottoms with the salwar.I saw that the makeup items and some jewleries were kept for me on the table.I started my with kajal,eyebrows, bindi and this time i found a maroon lipstick and lip gloss which i used on my lips. I enjoyed the sense and taste of lipstick.
I adorned my neck with a necklace made of imitation gold. I used some blush over my cheeks to make me look more attractive.I thought of changing my earstuds but i didnt because i knew it may damage my ears as it is not fully healed.After wearing the duppatta i entered the dance hall. That time i havnt found many laughing at me. I understood that im looking more like them! I even felt that im beautifull than a few of them!
Rekhaji told all of us about the importance of "gungroos" which is to be worn in legs like payals. She called me to the front and told me to put my left leg on a nearby chair. She took a red gungroo set and placed in my ankles and tied a tight knot at the back. I could hear loud noise when i put my leg down. She told me to tie the other to the right leg and i was excited to do it. She orderd me to go to front. Oh my god i was walking with heavy gungroos in my ankles and it made a harmonious noise.She told me to perform a certain step that was taught last class.
Though I was shy i couldnt disobey Rekhaji. I respected the floor and started dancing the steps i have learned. I felt a kind of spirit which i have never felt before. Rekhaji told others to listen to the rythem of my gungroo legs and study. I saw a satisfied smile on Mams face when i finished dancing. She told me that I am learning faster, and I could even do the first stage performance within a month if i learn like that.After that days class many girls showed angry face to me as they were jelous of my performance. I felt happy when one of them named Shilpa encouraged me by saying that my moves were great.She told me that Im really like a girl.That was the most encouraging part.
When I reached home Mom was there preparing banana fry which is my favourite snack. She kissed my forehead and told me that she was informed about my awesome perfomance in dance class. Rekhaji ,might have called her. Mom told me to come after bath to have my banana fry.I went straight to bathroom thinking of the fry. Had a quick bath and came out.I felt to tie my bath towel above chest and so did I. I felt fresh and feminine and dont know why. I glanced at myself in the mirror and saw my lovely earstuds but it was paining when I touched
I changed my dress and went to dining hall to have snacks. Mom gave me a bottle of perfume and told me that the salwars I used for dance was stinking with sweat. The perfume was a "Christian Dior for women" and its smell was mesmerizing.
I went for bed early that night but I could sleep as it was a hot climate. During my struggle to sleep mom came to my room and gave me a long violet sleeveless nighty to wear as it would be more comfortable than the shorts and t-shirt i was wearing. I told her that i would wear them when she leaves the room and so she left. I removed all my dressess and took the nighty. It was silky and semi transparent too. I wore them through my shoulders and was feeling great. My cock was popping out and i tried to control meanwhile i slept.
I learned a lot from the next two weeks dance classes and I became more and more feminine in my charecter. I stopped speaking to boys in my class as dance was the only thing i could speak of! I became more energetic and friendly with girls in dance class.
One day while I was trying on lipstick after dressing up in my black salwar, Rekha Mam came to me and gave me a small box. I was surprised to see that it was a jewellery set. It consisted of a pair of jumkas made of beads and fake diamonds and a beautifull necklace! I was wondering at the bracelet while she came close to me and started unscrewing the earstuds i was wearing for a month. She inserted the needle of jumka earring in my right ear and screwed it tightly. She had done the same for left ear. I was feeling the weight of jumkas while Rekhaji placed placed the necklace below by neck and tied it from behind. She then told me that it was a gift for my birthday which was on the next week.
I was very happy that I touched Rekhajis feet as a student respecting her master and she placed her hand over my head and blessed me that I would become a world famous dancer. After fixing dupattas and makeup I faced the other girls with a pride of earning blessing from Rekahji. I danced well on the same day. I told Shilpa about what happened inside the room and she was so happy that she kissed me in my cheek and told me that it is her birthday gift! I was lucky that none was thre to watch.
The next day while I was in school, the class leader announced that school ady funcion is on the next month and the participants of vivid programmes could give their names to him. I was so shy to give my name for Mohiniyattam as it was purely a girl thing. So i kept quite. But again I was surprised by my Mom when she said that my name has been given already to the vice principal of school by her when she had visited school in PTA meeting. She told me that I should give the first performance then with all preparations.I was excited and my heart beat increased when she told me that I have to start preparations from the next day onwards!
The next days were just amazing for me!! Principal of my school instructed that people who are participating in school day programmes need to attend only half day classes, the rest of the time can be used for practices. Rekhaji used to come to school couple of times a week in the afternoons to teach me.Im instructed to wear salwars during my practice in school.A week later,to my surprise, my mom came to the dance practice room along with Rekhaji!
Mam told me to perform in front of my mother and i just shooked my head. I just couldnt do it as i was shy. They tried to force me but it was in vain.My Mom left the room unhapply when Rekhaji told me " its time to show your talents to your mother who was an awesome dancer in her youth! She should have been a famous dancer if she havent married your father who collapsed her career in dance!" .This was a new news to me.I didnt knew that my mother was a dancer.I felt sorry that I havnt performed in front of her.
The next day after the forenoon class, I went straight to the practicing room where I saw Rekha Mam waiting for me. She told me to change to salwars. I cahnging my dress in front of her as I felt no shyness in front off her. I changed to my black salwars and pattiyalas and screwd my jumkas and necklace. Rekhaji applied kajals and lipstik to my face.To my surprise she opened a box a showed me a pair of ladies sandals with a 2" heels!! She told me that we are going outside and there is no practice that day.
I removed my socks and she told me to insert my right foot inside a sandal and i have done it. She fastened the strap at the back of my foot andI felt secured.She repeated it in my other foot and i was told to stand.WoW!! I felt taller!! She helpd me to walk inside the room for a while holding in my waist. She opened the door and I found that the rest of the students are in thier afternoon classes. We walked through the corridor of the school and went to the parking lot.Rekhaji got in her Honda Activa and she told me to sit in the rear seat. I found that its difficult to sit like boys as my salwar showed some restrictions, so I sat in girls style.I just felt great in Rekhaji high speed ride, when my short hairs disturbed my vision and i just flowed it back.
We went straight to the city and Mam stopped at a shop named "Cindrella". It was a stitching centre. Rekhaji told me that we are there for taking measurement of my body to stitch blouse for the dance wear! She introduced me to Silpa ji who runs the stitching centre. She asked me which style of dance am I practicing and iI replied 'Mohiniyattam'. She then told me to stand aside and she took a measuring tape. I was asked to remove my dupatta and so did I. She took horizontal and vertical measurements of my upper and lower back. I raised my hands wen she told me and my chest circumference was measured.
Rekhaji told her that she wants me to be a 34! She made her calculations on a notepad. She also orderd a the white mohiniyattom costume with golden borders ,a new pair of gungroos for my legs, hair accessories and ornaments. The ornaments were a set of jumkas with round stone works, a golden necklace ,three types of fixing nose rings,a special bangle set, and an ornament to be worn on fore head called 'nettichutti' or 'tikka'. Silpaji measured the size of my head for the wig. Rekhaji didnt paid any money there as they were friends. We left Cindrella in half an hour. I was dropped at my home and Rekhaji left. I saw that my mom was sad but surprised to see me in salwars. She kissed me again and again calling me her daughter! I slept that nighty in a blue satin nighty and payals in my legs while talking to my mom about the days adventures.