Wow!!! Any good looking Lady:: Crossdress as a Bride :: See the photo of indian Crossdresser with al those Bridal Makeup

I like dressing in woman clothes from the age of 16 years using my mother's wardrobe. I use to wear panties , bras on my flat chest , no shaving , a inexperienced makeup without wig and heels. I use to get excited after that and remember seeing that beautiful woman in mirror. I felt myself quite expert till I met one of my friend rocky. We were having drinks in one of the bar in evening after our work and discussing daily matters. I am a social drinker and do not take more than 2x60 ml at single sitting. There was monsoon outside and it was raining heavily. So much enjoying and discussing with my friend that I forget my limits and realized only when I started seeing two faces of rocky. We started discussing on sex. I told him about my hidden desire e work I use to do sometimes. He smiled and listened me very carefully . Then he dropped me at home. Next morning when we met at work then I realized my mistake. I could hardly face him. After 5.30 pm rocky invited me for a drink and promised that this time we will not cross our capacity. Though I never wanted to go but could not say no . I was knowing myself that what he want to discuss. I wanted to take this opportunity and right my mistake. during our journey to bar I was just thinking for excuse to give. may be saying that it was not me doing all that but one of my friend. We reached the bar, ordered wine and he looked deep in me. We started discussing and then .........
I came to know that rocky himself is a cd .he showed me his shaven arms and chest under his shirt. That is now I realized that why he never wear any low cut t-shirt and is always in full sleeve shirts and tie even during informal parties. I felt extremely happy that it is not me alone but now I have a sister too. He disclosed that they are a group of cds and gay guys and usually meet once in a month or on new member joining them. I immediately requested him for my membership for which he agreed to discuss with his friends and will let me now. I also told him about my bride fantasy and about my virginity.
Next week he came with a surprise for me saying that I may join them on coming Saturday night. one gay guy sandy is also joining and he too is a virgin. So we may be a couple and on our virginity. They were also planning for a dinner at 8.00pm on our joining and has something special for us. I thanked him and started waiting for that big day and my mate sandy. On Friday rocky told to reach Johnny's place (founder of the club) at 4.00pm on Saturday and gave me his address. I asked him that what I shall carry. He smiled and told me to come in single suit and ask me to purchase some gift for my date. I asked rocky about sandy likings to which he showed his inability as he himself has not met him yet. I worked out lot of images of sandy and his likings/disliking but could not decide. Suddenly I saw an ad for tight shorts for men ( cleverly showing manhood under that ) in one of the magazines lying on table. I went to the store and purchased one. I also purchased one nice white colored night suit for him. All the night that short laying on bed in front of me, I keep on thinking that how sandy will look wearing this. The color I choose was dark blue for the shorts. I even kissed it. I started feeling my womanhood growing.
I got up little early , did my face & body pack , manicure and pedicure , had nice bath and reached Johnny's house at exact 4.00pm. Rocky was also there but in his female dress .
I got up little early , did my face & body pack , manicure and pedicure , had nice bath and reached Johnny's house at exact 4.00pm. Rocky was also there but in his female dress . He introduced me to Johnny and two other sissy friends. I came to know that Johnny is living alone and is a gay guy , loves cds as partners. They gave me my surprise telling that they are playing my marriage with sandy and I will spend my honeymoon night with sandy in this house. I felt excited and asked for other friends and they told me that all others will join us at 8.00. Johnny left for market to arrange the party and rocky took me to one of the room with other sissy sisters. Its now , I came to know his sissy name as rosy and they decided one for me. Preparing myself as bride.
Then rosy showed me the wardrobe full of feminine things . She told me that they together are maintaining this. Then they took me to the bathroom and shaved me all over. Gave me a bubble bath. I never shaved earlier thus on seeing my smooth rosy skin underneath I forget that I am a male . I started thinking only about my woman side. Rosy also had a strong convincing power and took all of my male part out of me. She then applied scented hair removing cream on all over my body and cleared all that little hair spots. I felt myself silky and a special woman odor in my body. She once again applied face and body pack and washed it with warm water. then she applied foundation, powder and blusher all over my body. Two other sissy girls helped us in doing all this. it was really a life time experience to get dressed in woman clothes that too with other three males in feminine dress. Once we put the basic things then we applied a bread cover and put on the eye liner. They highlighted the inner edges and gave a light pink eye shadow to my upper eye lids and darker to lower one. Also a golden shade on that gave an extra look. Then putting my false eye lashes I prefer to give thin black eye liner with thickest towards outside. I gave an extra line of very thin golden one to that and curled my lashes and put on glittering mascara. Rosy defined my cheek bone with rich pink blusher and gave an extra light layer on my chin ,face and exposed parts. Then I put on my favorite red colored lipstick with fine outline and glittering lip gloss. Rosy also put on a dark blue contact lenses and adjusted my eye makeup once again. Then came the bindiya. I preferred red with pink and golden outlined. Rosy put small ones on all over my forehead just above eyebrows up to and towards my outer cheek bone. She used red and white color in alternate and it was a liquid form.
Then comes the bra and panties. I choose pink silky cup type bra with dark pink lace on it and matching panty. Panty was too silky and had was tied on both side of waist with a rope.
Panty was too silky and had was tied on both side of waist with small hook. So there is no problem in removing. You just take out the hook and it is out. Same way bra was also hooked in between the two cups. Rosy did little tape work and I slid into the panties giving complete vagina look down there. She also explained me a bit to walk and talk like ladies. then I put on the bra and tied it to last setting with slid in breast forms. Rosy highlighted my cleavages with help of powder and blusher and I choose long hair wig. Rosy tied them for me setting them quite high on my head and decorated with golden chained hair pins and lot of accessories. As I wanted to have a look in mirror she stopped me and gave a smile. Then I glued long nails painted red matching my lipstick both to my hands and toes. I selected a nice pair of 3 inches heels in golden color with red straps tied to my ankle. Rosy also put on false colored mehendi with help of stencil on my hands and feet . She made some extra design and wrote sandy in between. This is the time I again thought of sandy and that very thing gave a shiver in my body and little uncomforted in my panties.
By this time it was already7.30 and we decided to complete fast . I took a red silk lahnga-choli with golden lace and lot of golden patch work all over. You have an advantage wearing this. You can slid lahnga from your legs as any skirt and choli can be weared as shirt and tied up with strings at back. It was a low cut with only the stings at back thus exposing all my back. Rosy helped me in putting and then also tucked my red chunri with golden lace and matching patchwork. I purposely took it little down on my forehead as I was going in public for the first time.
By this time we could hear some sounds outside and it & nbsp; was exactly eight on wall clock. One of sissy told me that sandy has also come and wearing & nbsp; dark blue suit . He is around 6 ft in height and looking dam smart. Since I was 5'7 and 3" heel will make us a perfect couple. Johnny asked to hurry up and wanted to enter the room but rosy stopped him and promised to be there soon. Then I selected golden and red bangles and preferred lot of them . Rosy tied up pajeb & nbsp; anklet, bichwas(rings worn on toes) . I wore golden bracelet with little red hearts in between and false diamond shinning there. I picked up the bridal golden jewelry set with same shinning false diamonds. I put on necklace , my hand jewelry i.e. rings chained to each other then meeting in centre on outer side of your hand to one of the heart type medium sized golden thing and then to bracelet. Then I took matching tikka and tried to put earring. That's when I realized about piercing but rosy helped me by giving clip on hoop . Then I tied my nathni and found laying one more without chain and quite small in size . Rosy explained that some ladies prefer small as bigger one troubles while eating. A thought came to my mind and I wore both on different sides. Men again remind us for getting late. some more ladies(sissy) came and joined us but I could not count. rosy quickly applied glitter on my face , hair , more on cheeks and little on my dress. I sprayed perfume and took golden purse and wanted to check inside it , then one of sissy smiled and said she has already put all the things. I smiled said thanks. I stood up and saw a beautiful bride in mirror. I hugged rosy and thanked her for this marvelous art.
Marriage party and me as bride
All the girls helped me to walk. my heart was beating fast as I tried to enter the living room. As I entered all men stood up and welcomed with clap. Girls were taking me towards sandy. I walking slowly with my eyes on floor chunri bit low on floor could not see. But I guessed around 8-10 of them in living room . As I was walking towards my date I was feeling shy and nervous. This increased my heart beat even more. I was blushing in shame and that made my face look extra rosy. I could feel the silk on my body . My inner smooth thighs were rubbing each other. I could hear the sound of my pajeb, bangles, jewelry and heels in the room though there was a light music playing on. As I was seeing towards floor thus could watch my cleavages and breasts. They were bouncing as I walked. I felt a sensation of earrings, jewelry rubbing my skin. I was holding the golden purse by both hands below my breast. That's the time I was standing in front of my groom sandy. I lifted my eyes a little to my breasts and saw sandy with corner of my eyes. He was more handsome than she described. He was smiling and his eyes were on my face and dress. He was little nervous but looking thorough gentlemen. I was proud of my luck to get someone like sandy. Girls took my left hand and gave to sandy for holding it. As his hands touched mine I start shivering. I could not hold my breath. I hold him little hard to avoid falling to floor . He guided me to the sofa and never tried to kiss my hand. My rings under his hands hurtled me a bit. I just fell into the sofa with his side .his body was touching my silk dress. He left my hand and I adjusted my dress . Rosy helped me in that. I saw towards her and she smiled and closed her one eye hinting me towards san (sandy).I blushed again and for the first time look around the room. Men standing there were just staring at me without closing their eyes even for fraction of second. I passed on the smile to all and little extra to ladies there & nbsp; up to this time I was not spoken any word.
He introduced me to the guests and to sandy for the first time. I lifted my eyes said thanks to all with warm smile and looked towards san at end. He took my hand , shake it said "hi" and kissed it. Ohhh I really died for the moment .
He was to gentle and warm. As I placed my hands back on my lap I could smell his breath from it. I sighed and start adjusting my dress and jeweler to hide my nervousness. Rosy asked me if there is any problem but I shake my head in response saying no. May be my fast breath was the reason for not speaking. Johnny briefed about me and san to the guests and announced our marriage. Both of us stood up. We exchanged the rings and garland. People in room clapped and cheered. rosy did a little trick . She gave a small box to san and said something in his ear. He smiled and opened the box. Then he put his right finger and thumb in it. Before I knew, his other hand was sliding my tikka. He put sindoor in my hair in between my forehead ( a traditional Indian way ). Girls standing next pinched me . I touched his feet and he helped in to stand again. People clapped again especially the girls . I was digged to earth in shame. But the feeling of owning him and let giving me was the great. Then started the drinks and dance. San refused to drink and me too.
We shared soft drink in same glass. my lips left the impression of lipstick; I saw him drinking from that side . I was thrilled and got first signal of his cleverness. Surroundings got a bit informal and both of us talked together a bit. He praised me for my beauty . He told me that its his first time to be with any lady. I told the same for me. I started feeling comfortable with him and also with crowd. My breath came down to normal . I started touching him showing as accidentally , saying sorry and he was just smiling . Now I slid a bit towards him adjusting my dress nose pin again. Trick worked and I could feel his body movements as he was talking to others. I asked a help from rosy. she took me to the bathroom.
I did "that" with a little uncomforted as it was tucked in tape. Lahnga again helped in that. I went to the mirror and opened my purse to set my makeup . But due to lot of hand jewelry with long nails ( as I hardly had any practice) I had to take the help of rosy. She applied another coat of lipstick , little blusher , settled my necklace and other jewelry and straightened my dress. We left for living room . I took small steps towards sofa. A little session by rosy on talking and walking helped a lot. I realized the importance of rosy. As I approached the seat I found san missing. He was talking to guests in other corner. Girls came to me , teased me , envied on my luck and praised my feminine look.
That was a heart harassment but I kept on listening. Some also gave me tips on honeymoon night and some trying guessing his size and throwing pity on me. One told me the location of jelly in the room. Some one telling about easy posture for the first time. Rosy prepared me mentally for first pain. I just listening and thinking about san and watching him with corner of my eyes . I felt blushed and face red with those naughty talks. I wanted that san returns and I could feel him again. I wanted the party to end and myself laying in his arm. Suddenly one of the man came and took my hand. He guided me and offered myself to san for dance. San put his left hand under my waist and hold my hand with his right . I lifted my other arm with bit of trouble due to jewelry and chunri I was wearing. At last I managed & nbsp; and threw my arm around his neck. One of the girl took purse from me. We danced slowly. He requested me to lift my eyes.
I could do that hardly as I was feeling so shy . I could not dared to make eye contact with san . He whispered me in my ear saying that he never imagined me so beautiful . He also told me that makeup is looking perfect on me. Then he again requested to lift my eye and placed his hand under my chin. I lifted my eye lids and had first direct eye contact with him. he held me hard and gave a deep look . I could see love in his eyes for me and passion for his desire. This is the time when he took me closer to him .his hand tight on my waist and planted a gentle kiss on my lips. This was the first time any male was touching my lips. That too in public and me in feminine dress . I breathed hard once again but not tried to loosen myself. The lady standing next whistled. I immediately took my eye and lips off from him . I smiled shyly and started seeing towards my breasts. But I got the second signal of his cleverness. after that the announcement for dinner. He served me the plate and started eating in same. I felt little hesitate but kept myself to my womanhood. I otherwise also going to eat hardly any thing. the nethni & nbsp; really was a problem but I managed anyhow. He took the dessert but I denied. On his request I had one spoon . I shared the same spoon and felt little guilt. Then there was round for coffee I had little and girls guided me to the bed room. On honeymoon night bed After saying goodnight to the guests I was on my way to honeymoon night. I could see lot of desire in eyes of men standing there. Some were must be feeling angry with their luck. Some must be imagining themselves with me for tonight. Some must be thinking about my fate in very next hour and others imagining the position in which I would be soon. Ladies were seeing me as a goat that shall be chopped soon by lion called sandy. I too was shivering with fear and time ahead me. I saw towards some of them for help but no one was ready to cooperate. I saw some people laughing very cruelty and wishing me great luck for my night ahead. Some ladies really looked at me with all the pity as they realized what I am going to loose. Something which will never come back. I saw san standing proudly and looking at me and thinking as he is the one who is going to hunt me . I walked hardly towards the room that too with help of ladies. Once in room I was again surprised. This was another room with nice round small double bed . Maroon bed cover and cushions . Interiors tastefully designed with lot of flowers on bed. I could see the big mirrors on & nbsp; all sides and one on top of ceiling. Rosy told me that they maintain it for such big occasions. She showed me some condoms, cream, oil , etc. Laying on table. She also gave me one makeup box and extra panty with bra. now slowly guests started disappearing and at the end we were four. Rosy was going to share bed with Johnny and wanted to extended any help if I required later on. Rosy came to me and reapplied lipstick , blusher, eye shadow and adjusted my dress and jewelry. San was still with Johnny. She let me sit on bed , dropped my chunri a bit and sprayed freshener in the room. She adjusted the room temp and air flow . She checked the bathroom , put my purse on table and put lamps on. She finally came to me , kissed me on my cheek. She whispered good luck , adjusted my dress and chunri .she gave a last look and went off. I could feel the tears in her eyes and voice. May be she is t
I sat there in same position and admired the room . I liked its color and the bed on which I was sitting. A thought of guilt came to my mind for a second but I immediately coming in control and started looking at the wall painting. Suddenly I heard a noise at door. San came in and bolted the door. My heart bounced and my blood started running fast. I become nervous again . I was shying in harassment & nbsp; not knowing what to do. I was in a room with a stranger to whom I was married a little ago. A man who shall be taking away my most precious thing. A man who shall be running me for the night .as san came towards me I could see his eyes undressing me . I could feel the hunger in him. He came and sat & nbsp; next to me . He took my hand and kissed it . I saw him from corner of my eyes below my chunri. He got up again. He took a box from his pocket and presented a nice ring to my finger. Then he took off & nbsp; my chunri from my head and planted a kiss , a bit long. I closed my eyes as he took me to his arms pressing my breasts & nbsp; hard against & nbsp; his chest. As we separated I stood up and gave him the gifts. He opened it and smiled at shorts. He took the night suit to bathroom for a change. As he left the room I immediately opened the purse . Once again I applied a coat of lipstick. Tucked my chunri a bit high and sprayed mouth freshener.
I adjusted the ring in my finger & nbsp; and kissed it seeing that he is not watching. He came out with night suit on him and his hair done. He came towards me . I was standing next to the table and he lifted me in his arms. I put my arms around his neck and he took me to the bed and sat there with me on his lap. I started feeling better and may be little naughty. He kissed deep in me . I closed my eyes and tightened arms around his neck. I can't remember for how much time we remained like that.
But one thing is sure that his tongue explored all of my throat . I even licked his tongue as he was taking that out from my mouth. his hands lifted my lahnga and reached under my thighs. He creased me hard rubbing his hands on my smooth silky skin . I cried as he pinched there. Now I could manage a long eye contact but not dared to proceed ahead. Since my nathni troubled him a lot , he requested me to take that off. I said that its his duty to do so and forwarded my face to him. He dropped me on bed and start taking it from nose and then from behind of my ear. He wanted to remove the small one also. I stopped him and remind him what it mean to take nathni off from any woman's nose. He saw in my naughty eye and said that I may have to consult a doctor in the morning. I sighed deeply and immediately my eye were down to my breasts .he kissed all my face . He started throwing kisses on cheeks, lips, neck , ear, and forehead . I started rubbing my hands on his body . Suddenly I realized that I am not doing justice to my dress and separated from him. I sat on edge of the bed as I could not courage to remove my dress. I think he realized too and stood up . He took off his suite and now was in shorts only. I could see the big bulge and started realizing that its me who is responsible for that . I felt proud on my feminist and once again thought of rosy. I thought he will start undressing me but he did nothing of that sort. He came close to me and held my hand hard. I cried in little pain. He guided my hand on his bulge while he kissing on back of my neck. I shivered as I my hands touched his bulge . This is for the first time in my life that I was experiencing someone else's cock. I pressed it a bit and showed no interest in proceeding further . But I was eager too see and touch my ultimate little san. He lifted me from shoulders and forced me to sit on floor . He sat on the edge of bed while lowering his shorts down. 
I kept on watching all this with my eye wide open. Now I was not feeling ashamed but was ready to take my prize. After all I worked so hard through out my evening for this moment only. He removed the shorts and the very first sight of his cock thrilled me. It was tooooo big. Even than what that girl imagined during dinner. It was 8+ and as thick as 1.5 India. No way no way . I can never take that in any of my love holes. Ohhhhh god, no no , its foolish to even try with this meat. I supposed that even any married woman can't take such huge thing and me was just a virgin. I suddenly realized the difficulty I had even in eating banana. No no , its better to say goodnight and drive back to home. I started abusing myself on this decision. He realized this quickly and said that he don't want me to suck that. He asked for a little kiss. Now I got my breath back. I saw no harm in kissing him there , after all he is my groom. I preferred to kiss . Otherwise he had all the right to push that in my mouth forcibly. He was my groom right now to whom I just married as a bride. He was my husband and myself a wife to him. I also knew that couple laying next room wont come for my rescue. I believed in san's strength and trusted him. So I lowered my lips and planted a kiss on head. As soon as my lips touched his cock , smell of his manhood ran through my nose. the roughness of his skin thrilled my soft lips. I wanted a kiss more now. He lifted my hand .there was a lovely sound of my bangles striking eat other . I put my hand on his cock rather I may call it iron hot long rod . I started pushing his foreskin back. A great music again was coming from my bangles and pajeb as I shifted my position.
could see a drop of pre-cum on that big hole on top of the bulb. A strange manhood smell and deep love and concern in his eye made me mad. All this started to fire my feminism and I tried to took the head in my mouth. I could not imagined that how my mouth took that big meat .I felt my cheeks may burst as his bulb was trying to come out from both sides. I tried a bit more, then even more. The sucked the drop of pre-cumm . It rally fired my womanhood and without looking back, I took half of that. he was so nice that he never tried to push it further. Once I was stable , I tried a bit more and was successful. I start recollecting the article once I read about how to give blow job. The writer explained the trick to suck a cock. She also claimed that she has sucked as long as 12". I positioned myself accordingly with positive frame of mind. Soon I found his head knocking at my throat. I took my head little above and my hands against his thighs . I straightened the direction of his bulb towards my digestive canal and pushed further. It worked and soon I could feel his pubic hair against my nose and my chin rubbing his balls. My cheeks were in stage of bursting but I never tried to took it out from my mouth. I could hear his sounds blend with sweet sounds of my accessories , I felt that he is growing further. Now it was going inside my mouth; automatically even without me pressing my head .but the problem remained was his dia .it was bursting my cheeks. He was rubbing his hand on my cheek bulge , may be trying to give support to my cheeks. Now I realized that he is on point to cumm but thought of taking it out. 
But my woman hood wanted to taste it too. Now I realized what a bride mean and what a groom is. I came to know the importance of his baby juice. I wanted all that in my mouth. I wanted to show my groom that how much I care for him. I wanted to prove my love for him. I wanted to be a perfect bride. Yeahhhh that's the first load . A hot thick liquid going directly to my stomach. I started stoking it and took it little out . The second one hitted; at back of my throat. Still I couldn't taste it and took out a bit more. That's the third one and then lot of shoots . It tasted really good. A little salty but smelt extra ordinary. I pressed his cock back again in my mouth. It slid in comfortably then one more load . I kept doing so till the very last drop. Now my mouth was filled with his juice and I tried pumping it to my stomach through his bulb. It was still hard and big. Some drops came out of my mouth. I then realized about sandy , my darling , my groom , my husband, my ultimate man. He was crying with eyes closed and his hands rested back on bed. I eat every drop and then tried to push the drops which came out from my lips. I used his bulb for doing so . I liked across his shaft and balls. I even licked the cumm lying over his pubic hair. After it was over he lifted me , kissed my lips , and licked his own cum from my mouth . I was standing totally on his support with hands down and eye closed. I still was in world of his cummm. He shook me a bit and I came back to my senses. he smiled and I saw some drops on the floor . I shamelessly again leaned down and sucked that too with my tongue. He took me in his arms and I threw my face on his shoulders.
I once again closed my eyes . Then we separated . I took his shorts, cleaned him all over . I cleaned my lips and mouth with same. A saw lot of my lipstick on his cock, shorts , pubic hair and even on his shoulders. He went to the bathroom and when I saw myself in mirror I was totally ashamed. All my hair were untied . My wig was dropping . My lipsticks was spread over my cheeks . My chunri was falling from my dress. All of my bindiya was mixed together. Now I realized what I did . He was so ashamed that I was feeling difficult to face his again .he came out and kissed me. My eyes again could not make eye contact with him. I was shying and my face become red. I could not imagine what I have done. He gave me another packet and asked me to gat fresh. I took the packet then my makeup box and ran to the bathroom without trying to face him.