Short Story of a crossdresser - 1

mom and son

From my child hood I always spent time at home When I am studying in10 I become metuared I am interested in wearing my moms dress I always wear her nighty bra petticoat in night me and mother where in good company I tell all to her but not this to her she is youing cute and very feminine she have long hair below her hips pierced nose expert in wearing saree I always watch her styles and she is my role model My mom was the only women in house. "one day she said I wish I had had a girl! " she would have to do everything at home. but she never tell any complain I would have liked to help I said to her "Mom , I want to help you, please let me" I will wash dress cut the vegetables sweep the floor but my mom would not be allowed. She said "no boy, you're a not a girl I can do it" if you want to do this first you wear my dress then you can do this But at that times I have no courage to tell her about my desire, But either I did not have the guts or the understanding as to why I felt like this Femininity I believe is a state of mind...and that's where I am uncompromisingly feminine...for it is an area where nobody can prevent me from being the woman I want to be I use feminine mannerisms in the way I move my hands and the rest of my body. When my mother remove my body hair occasionally I want to get my ears pierced and my eyebrows shaped but these would be very risky for me. I have great desire to go out en femme in my sari I constantly use a lot of imagination to satisfy my yearning for femininity look down my cleavage when they stand or delight to see an exposed bra-strap which I may be accidentally exposing. Sometimes as I pass by they mutter to each other in code language about the beautiful shape of my breasts outlined under my sleeveless blouse or the beauty of my accidentally exposed midriff and navel or my back which is exposed by my low-cut blouse.

One day she said that father some times have a transfer to north India so it will be easy for me when father get transfer I am alone in house when mom go to market.
My name is Sitaram. I work as a teacher in a reputed high school in Andhra Pradesh. Because of my dedication and interest in teaching young kids I am rewarded distincitvelyby state board of education and as well by local authorities. Personally I am married to a beautiful lady named Saroja. Basically ours is a love marriage we married each other against parents will and either side of the family were not ready accept our marriage. Saroja has acquired a job in reputed law firm due to her education in master of law and her apprentice with one of the senior law practitioner. We are married for last five years and have been trying to settle down in life both financially and maritally. Suddenly I got a call from board of education asking for consent on recommending me for job in Richmond high school, Virgina, USA. Based on our current status and saroja's job constraint's we decided that me go first all alone and settle down for one year before Saroja joins me in USA. I grabbed the opportunity and left for USA and was able to perform the teacher duties in the school with no hassles. Since I was alone and started thinking about making additional income that would help us stable financially while continuing the current job to bring Saroja from India. In the process I approached local Indian community. Dr. Natraj Singh, a gynecologist in a reputed hospital approached me to help his daughter Sunita for her high school education for which I happily agreed. Dr. Natraj provided accommodation in his guest house thinking that his daughter has easy access for tutoring. Within no time Sunita a improved her performance from B to A student in all courses. But in the process Sunita became a good friend to me which Dr. Natraj was observing keenly Somehow Dr. Natraj was annoyed by the intimate relationship of Sunita to me. He warned me once to prevent any kind of accidents for which I made it clear to Dr. Natraj that I am married man and showed my wife's photograph. One day Sunita was playing a chess with me .