All My Stories Contains Images of Real Crossdressers

Some real Stories
I stumbled a little--kind of taken aback by her casualness and coolness.
Priyanka looked annoyed. "Here," as she waived a rather large penis-dildo in front of my face. "Use it."
I pushed it aside with a sly smile and confidently slithered up sexy to his prone wife. "Oh . . . we don't need this again. I've got enough for you!"
"I don't know," she paused. "I don't really like it."
I stopped in my tracks. "Huh?"
"I don't like it," she smirked and glanced ever so slightly down to my erect penis.
"What?" I asked somewhat perplexed and a little annoyed as I followed her eyes down to my dick. "You don't like cocks?" I half-joked.
"I never said that."
Priyanka was cool and callous. She then sat up and took more notice of my cock. She took it between my fingers and held it out as if it was a rotten sausage. "No," as she studied its form, "I don't like it."
I sat there stunned, listening and wincing in anticipation of where she was going with all of this.
"It's just kind of ugly. It's not like the others I've seen--or been with," she smirked. "It's skinny and worm-like," as she continued inspecting me as if it was a diseased piece of meat.
"You don't like my cock?" I repeated in disbelief. "Did you plan on telling me before now?" I said getting more bitter by the minute. I was still hoping she was kidding.
"Sorry. That's just the way I feel," she said coolly and unemotionally. Then she broke a smile. "Now this!" she laughed, "this is what I call a cock." She waved the large rubber phallus back in front of my nose. I could smell its synthetic odor.
"What? You don't want to have sex with me? Is that it?" I cried, looking for some sympathy.
"No," as she laid back on her back and obscenely spread her legs--opening herself up, "I just want to have sex with this . . . with you 'driving' if from the other end."  5/29/09  Sissy
Priyanka then gave me her "look." It's the look I know when she's not fucking around. It's that look that makes me more nervous than anything else she does. I wasn't in the mood to get in a fight so I succumbed.
"That's it," she laughed coldly as I clearly submitted to her, "take it and slip it in me." Priyanka then laid back and groaned, "Yes, mmmm . . . you're such a good husband."
I didn't "feel" much like a husband at all, but for some reason, I just worked that big fake dick back and forth until Priyanka had her fill. She came many times.I was left high and dry.
Our "dates" with the dildo only increased over the next several weeks. Each time I would try to initiate sex, Priyanka would always insist I use the dildo. The only real variety came when she introduced oral sex to the routine. Of course, I wasn't getting it--rather always giving it.
I seemed to find myself masturbating more and more. It was almost as if my wife was replacing me in the bedroom.
One night after she again suggested we only use the dildo, I had grown very tired of Priyanka's constant brush-off and became incredibly frustrated. With near rage in my voice, I called my wife every name in the book. From "bitch" to "whore," Priyanka bore the brunt of my pent-up anger and frustration.
At least that's what I thought.
Because Priyanka had thereafter decided to give me a rather deadly treatment of pure "silence." She ignored me for several days after our fight. I used to think it was impossible for a married couple to go more than a few hours together and not say a word. But Priyanka managed to drive me insane by not acknowledging me for what seemed like an eternity. I honestly could not tell if she was so mad at me that she couldn't put it in words, or whether she was scheming some diabolical plan to put me into concrete shoes--or something even worse.
As time wore on, however, we did manage to speak. Slowly and at a bare minimum. But eventually, Priyanka began to let things drift back to normal.  5/29/09  Sissy
Later one night, we were watching some TV when a beer commercial came on. The scene depicted a number of young people at the beach. Laughing and having a good time. The girls were in bikinis and the boys where in beach shorts without any shirts. Obviously, the beer company wanted to put the most sexy people they could find in the commercial. The ad then cut to a section showing a rather well-chiseled man laughing and holding a beach ball. I thought nothing of it until Priyanka chimed in.
"I bet that guy's got a nice package," she bellowed out with every word dripping nasty with insult and anger.
I didn't look directly at her as I figured she was trying to get a reaction out of me. Also, in part, because it came out of the blue and I wasn't sure what to make of it.
"Mmmm, yes," she continued cruelly, "probably even bigger and longer than my dildo."
Priyanka knew what she was doing to me as she frequently commented on how "big" the dildo was--a silent comparison to my cock. Clearly, she was trying to belittle me. I was getting mad again.
"Well, why don't you go fuck him then!" I yelled out.
"Ha!" she laughed exaggerated, "maybe I will!"
"Good!" I puffed.
It was like we were two teenagers fighting. If I wasn't so mad I probably would have laughed at our ridiculous behavior. But Priyanka wasn't finished.
"Yes," she continued strongly, "maybe I will." Then she cocked her eyebrow to me and pursed her lips, "I'm sure any guy has a prettier penis than yours." She stood over me with her hands defiant on her hips, "I know all the men I dated sure did!" And with that she stormed off to our bedroom and closed the door behind her. A minute or two later I heard her breathing in rhythm--clearly to the strokes of her dildo.
"Bitch," I murmured in a weak attempt to comfort myself.
*****************************  5/29/09  Sissy
A few more weeks passed and I found myself in the same exact position I was in before. I was still not getting laid, and my wife was using the dildo more and more. I was perplexed with my own behavior because even though nothing had changed, I was not getting so angry at Priyanka. Her steadfast consistent sexual demands had taken it's toll. A war of attrition that she was clearly winning.
My wife seemed to know the strength of her own sexuality so well. Either that, or she knew me too well. In either case, I succumbed to her wishes in the bedroom and gave her wave after wave of climaxes with my tongue and the dildo.
More so, I even found myself masturbating to the "fantasy" of having sex with my own wife! It was incredibly ironic and incredibly pathetic. I was beating off to the very thing that only a few weeks ago could have led to the breakup of our marriage. And in the back of my mind, I had a sinking feeling that Priyanka had perhaps envisioned this behavior in me all along.
We had been invited to a beach party by some mutual friends of ours. Priyanka and I would know most of the people going so we accepted the invitation.
Once there, we sank into a wonderful party atmosphere. There was food and drinks, plenty of alcohol and fun and games. A volleyball game was being played by a number of the younger party goers.
Priyanka and I settled in and chatted with our friends. I opted for a club soda while Priyanka headed straight for the wine. After soaking up the sunshine for a while, and sucking down several drinks--including Priyanka--one of the men playing volleyball came over to us.
"Hey," he smiled at me, "would you step in for us? We've seemed to have lost a player." He was very tall and quite well built. He obviously was well-versed in sports since he had all the mannerisms of a highly trained athlete. The dark bronze tan gave away his experience in volleyball, and the manly bulge in his shorts was hard to ignore.
I was scared to be made a fool of, "Uh . . . no thanks," I giggled awkwardly, "I think I'll just enjoy my drink." I tried to be as cool as I could . . .
"I'll play!" Priyanka surprised both of us. "Can I play with you?" she asked the tall man with an almost virgin-like tone.
"Yeah," he agreed grinning ear to ear with almost flawless white teeth, "you'll be on my team."
Priyanka jumped off her towel to reveal to this stranger her beautifully sexy form, clad only in her brand new pink bikini. "Well," she giggled like a girl and took his arm, "I'm not very good."
"Oh, don't worry," he said, "my name is Javed--I'll show you all you need to know."
"Okay . . . Javed," Priyanka purposely accentuated his name as she looked back at me, "I'll be a good student."
I sat there on my towel and watched my wife skip off to the volleyball game holding on to Javed's arm. I couldn't help feeling a tinge of jealousy stir up within me.
Priyanka looked like she was having a wonderful time. Each time Javed came over to "coach" her, she seemed to giggle and bat her eyes at him. Especially when he gave her a light swat on the butt--much like the professionals do in baseball games. At one point during the game, Javed gave Priyanka some return-hitting lessons. He was standing behind her while directing the motion of her arms. It almost looked like he was embracing her. Then, after he was done, Priyanka turned to him and whispered in his ear. I obviously couldn't hear a word, but then they both looked at me at the same time--and then they both chuckled.
Suddenly I felt very glad that I didn't get into the game as I could just imagine whatever embarrassing thing Priyanka had said to him. At least that's what my paranoia was saying to me.
"Oh my God!" Priyanka said almost out of breath as she ran back to her towel, "Javed is sooo much fun! Did you see us out there!" she beamed.
"Wow," as she continued like an excited prize-winner, "he was so good with me." 
Priyanka then turned and waived to Javed, "I'll be there is a minute . . . coach!" she laughed. "I still need more one-on-one!"
Javed gave her a thumbs-up sign.
"Honey," she said to me while still staring at Javed, "fetch my sunscreen in my bag. I'm starting to feel the heat a little bit."
I turned and rummaged through her beach bag like I was her personal servant. Handing her the lotion, "Do you want me to put in on your back?"
Then she turned to me as if I had interrupted her. "Huh? Uh . . .oh no. No, dear. Don't worry about that. I want Javed to do it," as she eyed me grinning. "Why don't you take a seat over there on that bench next to the volleyball court. That way you can get a better view of us playing together."
She pointed to a little bench, and then whisked herself away to meet up again with Javed.
I sat on the bench dejected as Priyanka asked Javed to rub her with lotion. I could see him briefly look over to me and then back to Priyanka. It looked as though he was a little wary. Priyanka then put her hand behind his head and whispered again into his ear. Very sexy and seductively. This time they both laughed very hard, and Javed jumped up and began to thoroughly lotion Priyanka.
I could see his hands massaging and caressing all over Priyanka's beautiful body. I could barely look--almost as though I was intruding on them. But each time I did glance over, I could see Priyanka staring back at me with a big knowing smile.
After what seemed like several very long minutes, Javed finished lathering Priyanka and they both joined another game. This time, however, it seemed that Priyanka was less interested in the game and much more interested in cajoling with Javed. She even missed the ball completely as she was so pre-occupied staring at him. And to make up for her bad gamesmanship, she would throw herself at Javed in an apologetic hug around his neck. It almost looked like she was going to kiss him. It went on and on throughout the whole game.
It was a game that seemed to last an eternity for me.  Finally, Priyanka came back over to me on the bench. She had a very sly smile and her face. Javed sat at the other end of the court--watching Priyanka come over to me.
"Whew! That was fun!" she laughed, walking up to me. "Let's go back," as she headed toward our towels and bags. Every so often, she would look over her shoulder to Javed.
"You know the other night--a few weeks ago?" Priyanka chimed in as we walked. "You know, when we were fighting."
I almost said 'which night?' as we had been fighting so much then. But I thought I knew the night she was talking about. "The night we watched the movie?" I responded, half-knowing the answer.
"Yup," she said cheerfully. "Do you remember what you said to me?"
I looked down as we walked, I could feel something coming on.
"Remember?" as she put her long finger under my chin--like a child. "I think you said something like: 'Well, why don't you go fuck someone else then.'" Priyanka was smiling broadly at me. "Didn't you say that, dear?"
I kept looking down and walking as we arrived at our towels.
Priyanka giggled. "Well, Javed--you know, the boy I've been playing with--well, he asked me to dinner."
She paused and looked at me. She had the most confident and cocky look on her face.
"And?" I said, "I assume you told him you are married!"
"Of course!" Priyanka replied laughing, "but I told him we have a very interesting marriage. Particularly so in the sexual sense!"
I was floored. "You said that to him! During the game?"
"Yes," she said in a teasing tone, "but don't worry . . . I whispered it to him. And believe it or not, Javed seemed very comfortable with it! He's quite a man!"
Priyanka was awfully happy, but I was slipping into despair. "I can't believe you told someone about our sex life."
"Oh don't be so bold," she smacked back. "It's not as if you have anything to say about it. I didn't tell him all the details--or the lack thereof! But if you want," she paused, waiving at Javed and then turning back to me,
She paused, waiving at Javed and then turning back to me, "I can tell him all about my favorite toy, your role--and your current dry spell," she smiled knowingly.
I tried to gather my thoughts. "So what did you tell him?"
"Well," she giggled, "I told Javed that I'd have to talk to you. I assured him that it would be okay with my husband. In fact, I told him that you'd be thrilled if I went out to dinner with him!"
"Of course . . . unless you want me to spill some more beans about our sex life," as she picked up her half-empty glass of wine. "I tend to get very talkative after drinking."
I was feeling panicky. "Just dinner?" I asked, somewhat defeated. Even though I wasn't actually convinced she'd share all of the details with Javed.
"And maybe some dancing afterward," she smiled.
"Geez, Priyanka! It almost sounds like a date!"
My wife then gave out a little giggle and kneeled down in front of me. Javed was now obscured from my view. "Yes, like a date," she said calmly as she moved her hand up my thigh. "And I want you to approve." Priyanka then began to snake her fingers under the leg of my bathing shorts. All the way until she reached my cock.
I had not felt her touch--any touch like this--for many months. She has such expert sexual instinct that I almost forgot how good the sex was . . . when we had it.
"Come on, sweetie," she cooed and began to tickle and stroke my penis. I was even more panicked as she was doing this in broad daylight. But as I looked around, no one could see us. Not even Javed. Priyanka was so close to me that the position of her hand was almost completely hidden from anyone's view.
But it was not hidden from me as I almost instantly began to get erect.
"I want you to say 'yes,'" as she kept tickling me. Then she noticed how quickly I became hard. "I can see you're warming up to the idea!" she giggled. "But I need to hear you say it . . ."