Crossdressing Story :: My Wife turns me into her indian bride

We got engaged a couple of weeks back, as it was all arranged being our orthodox big joint family.
I still managed to date my to b wife on a daily basis she was a bit shy but as the days passed & we spent time together she started to get more & more comfortable & open.

One day I decided to disclose her since the day we have met it was keeping my heart heavy, but thinking of the consequences I was afraid it can even break our relationship & the thought of getting it disclosed to entire family was also very terrible in my mind.

But on the other hand thinking closely over her personality & thinking the way have developed warmth the way we discuss our coming & past lives discussing my friends & girlfriends my college life & my school hostel life the way she enjoys even loves discussing intimate moments, we have been shopping our 1st night & honeymoon stuff together.

I was sure she will not take the things otherwise rather she is educated & modern will love & enjoy the things more & more even can promote & support me over my internal desires & love hope we both can enjoy our coming life more & more.

Was not able to decide…………………………………………………………………….

I slept that night just thinking.

It was a fine next morning a bit cloudy & seems it would rain today it was a great feeling the cool air flowing thru the room window at 7 in the morning, I got up rushed to get ready as I was to pick her up for the breakfast then after we were supposed to be at shopping for her lingerie’s, as she wanted it to be of my choice.

The thought of my night was still a nightmare for me shall I tell her or not…………………………………….

Took a cold water bath walked thru the wardrobe got ready rushed down to get away on my bike to her house, I was in front of her house within 25 mins she was still getting ready, aaaaaaaaaah………… on time else she would have hanged me as I am always late & keep her standing, its tough to be on time!

My heart was beating…….. I was lost with the thought of reveling her with my internal desires thru out the breakfast at the restaurant , she noticed but didn’t asked & kept on chatting & I also kept on replying but was not able to decide how to start telling her.

I paid the bill as soon as we finished & I took her to the company garden instead of shopping she was surprised but was curious too. I a bit hesitatingly told her I want to discuss something with you ……….. heart was beating much faster to hear her voice, she said I know there was something on your mind but wanted you to come up with it instead of my asking you!  She said i honour your privacy & want you to share with me whenever you want to share your thought’s, but I ll like if you share them with me.

 After such sweet words I gained some what confidence to speak her, I took her hand in my hand & started walking in the garden along the side of trees I started

 “Dear I do not want to disappoint you & I know I should have told you earlier but don’t know why I was not able to, in these days we have came quite a closer and you are such a sweet & understanding person I know you will understand & react accordingly plzzzzzzzzz.  

She said ok you do not worry & tell me yaaaaar!

I said I don’t know when & why I had strong feeling about females she giggled & said hah! Every guy has that.

I said no first listen to me the feeling which I am talking about is I feel like female from inside I am genetically male I know, but I feel like I should have been a female she did not speak a word I continued I said I do cross dress in alone for myself.

We both could hear the breeze flowing by, birds chirping, there was a silence amongst us for some minutes then I said dear I know you may not accept it but I can’t help it out these are my feeling & I don’t wanted you to accept it with any pressure but if you don’t want me as your life partner I shall come up & say no to the family & get the relation called off………………………………..

She was looking in my eyes saying nothing …………………………………I was dying to hear her!

Her hand slowly slipped my hand……………….. & she started walking unprecedented looking low slowly.

It felt I was about to cry but tears too fail to fall………………………..i stretched my hand to hold her but she was out of reach. I called her name softly, she stopped walking & stood still like thinking something slowly she started turning still facing down.

As she turned I saw tears dropping …………. I just ran & hugged her & said I will say no to everyone you need not to worry but don’t cry plz.

She slowly moved away from me & said I am not crying for what you have said but I am crying that you had the courage to speak truth & still kept thinking weather I shall tell you or not.

Now it was my turn to get astonished what are you talking its me who is doing cross dressing & you may or may not like that, what is there for you have tell? I know everything about you I don’t hope there is anything for you to tell me.

No there is one thing that you also don’t know about me she had stopped crying by now & had a cunning smile on her face!

 I said tell me then!

 she said only on one condition we will not disclose these things with anyone except each other thru out our life & will not call off our relationship. Now it was me who was thinking…………………but not giving it a long thought I accepted her proposal & was happy that she has accepted my cross dressing, but what I was also afraid from what is there to come.

She shingly said I have a girlfriend with whom I have lesbian intimate relations……………………………………………. i hope you don’t mind about the past! She started giggling …..

Now it was my turn to be turning red! But with blushhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
Her giggles turned to laugh outburst ! & said I was afraid how to tell you I love being lesbian at times but I am bi, I was afraid if you would allow me to keep that relation with my female friend but as you told me about your cross dressing it gave me enough courage to disclose you.

We both sat down holding each others had there under the tree, had a good laugh & hugged each other & promised to love each other thru out life & share each other’s liking by supporting that.

She asked me whose clothes I used to wear to CD? I said lets not get the things disclosed but from now on if you like & support me to CD then I will have my own wardrobe! She said I would love to have dual wardrobe since it will be used by me also & laughed.

After some hours chit chatting there we left for the days plan of shopping………………………….

I was riding with a light & happy heart with dreams of cding with my gf/wife whatever I may say suddenly I felt her pinching from back, I asked what happened u pinched very hard?

She: seems to be quite happy & lost in your dreams
I: no its not like that
She: lie
I: ok I was
She: that’s y riding in speed with whistling
I: ok yaar now don’t pull.
She: ok lets first go to my place then we will go shopping I remm. Some thing
I: what happ?
She: just take that way first.
I: ok

I turned the bike & we reached her home, she asks me to make coffee till she comes back.

After struggling from her bed side drawers she comes to the kitchen with something tightly closed in her palm, meanwhile I had got the coffee ready.

She takes a sip of coffee, says with a smile good beginning to become my girlfriend! from now on whenever we are at home start learning cooking & house hold work since you are going to do all along with me.

I laughed, she asked me to take off my shirt, I astonishingly do saying some naughty comments, she smiled & took the tape out of her hand starts measuring my bust & under bust first then she took my complete measurements as are taken for a female, I asked what is she upto she said nothing……………………… just planning to shop for my gf today.

I smiled & hugged her………………………………………….. she planned for 5pair of ug,s, 5sets of blouse & petticoat, 2salwar suits, 5tops with Capri, jeans, skirts, artificial eyelashes & nails, clip-on nose & ear clips, toering, ankle chain & many more………..

I said I can use most the stuff that you have, she said since we are entering new life I want we both have new stuff, rest of the life we have to maintain our figure so we can share our wardrobe……………………………………………..
It was the happiest moment of my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was feeling like in heaven. She rushed me to the market, all day we shopped for me as be her girlfriend we both were very happy & purchased even more than we have planned.

Reaching home after having dinner at a cool restaurant we sat down to check out our shopping of the day she was putting the clothes on my body & seeing how do they look & I was supporting her more than happily she tried all the clip-on’s nose pins, earrings all the other jewelry & I liked having them all.

I left kissing her goodbye for the day.

On reaching home I was planning to sleep peacefully my phone rang! It was her phone she was romantic we chatted some time, she asked me to get my full body waxed,

Me: but I will get it cleaned by hair removing cream
She: it will regrow soon & is harmful for body
Me: but for waxing I need some beautician & I don’t know ny one who can do this privately
She: mmmmmmmmmm if you don’t mind I can do the waxing job.
Me: its of with me if you are comfortable, we are getting married in couple of days
She: ok then it’s a plan for tomm. You go to sleep I shall do the needful for tomm.
Me: bye tc

& we were on our clouds of dreams that night.

Next morning I got up early finished my all daily routine & rushed for her house, she was already excited with the day ahead.

We went to her room she had all the stuff ready there she gave me a towel & asked me to take a hot bath first,

Me:  but I have already taken one & I don’t have ug’s
She: do as I tell you hot bath will make your hairs soft, easy & less painful to be plucked
Me: but ug’s ?
She: don’t worry I shall manage, you just go to bathroom. (& she pushed me in)

I took bath with the hot water already inside wiped gently & wrapped towel on my waist & came out,

She: giggling honey even when there are two girls in room, none of them come bare top out!
Me: looking around hey! Is there any one else.
She: smiling you are cant you see me the second girl in the room.
Me: I blushed !
She: go adjust your towel & cover your top also
Me: went inside & came back after adjusting the towel, I was feeling very girly.
She: now its ok.
Me: what about ug’s?
She: whats the problem, handing me the keys go take the one you like from my drawer & wash your’s
        let them on line to get dried.
Me: I took the keys & searched, but here are your ug’s not mine.
She: aren’t they going to fit you?
Me: yes but?
She: what but? Just go ahead & wear which ever you like, these are girly wear & you should not forget you
        Are a girl yaar.
Me: took one pink bra & panty & wore them, left the towel aside.
She: hey you have very less hairs!
Me: dear I used to clean them frequently by cream.
She: from now on learn using wax now no cream from today onwards, I will teach you all girly chores from
         Today onwards so that we can do a lot for each other as girls too.
Me: ok

She started waxing me started from legs & had a plan for the entire body……………………………………………

I was lying wearing just bra & panty in front of her, both were happy for me being this way & for finding such good friends, rather saheli’s to live together.
Oooooouch !

Were the sounds I was making…………………………………………………….

 As she pulled the waxed strip along with the hairs of my body, after a couple of hours i got the hair less body, now she asked me not to move & keep lying till she asked to do so & I did the same.

She took a water sprayer & started drizzling hot water on my body after that she just puffed the water off my body & poured a lot of body lotion over my body started giving my body a massage of it after a while she asked me to adore my body using my figure tips.

I touched the legs & moved up………………………………………aaah it was silky smooth & slippery like a girl. I was shivering as my fingers were moving aaaaaaaaah !

She shook me ! lost in dreams come on get up now let me teach you how to take care & shape your nails, I said ok

We both got busy, she doing my nails I watching her as soon she finished doing my feet nails she asked me to do her now I tried doing same & she appreciated my observation I was happy to hear her & for next one hour or so I was in those ug’s only & she was teaching me various ways to take care of areas of body.

She: now you wax your upper & lower private parts, winked!
Me: hey ! with you being here how can I do?
She: ok I am leaving, as soon you are finished just call me.
Me: ok

She left & removed my ug’s after bolting the door & started waxing my private areas it was damn painful I almost cried out of pain after waxing did took a hot bath & then applied lot of body lotion, wore ug’s & called for her.

She walked in with two cups of tea, we sat down she admired my body saying” honey you have a great girly figure just the waxing was required to make you perfect” I was happy to hear, now what? Were my first words as soon as I finished the tea.

She: you are in a great hurry, we girls do things relaxed
Me: ok
She: ok now I shall do your eyebrows & upper lip area
Me: I already get both the area’s in perfect shape by my barber
She: but your upper lip area has started getting dark & your eye brows need to be shaped as girl
Me: but will it look embarrassing ?
She: no no one notices after seing you once, its just the first time
Me: ok

She started doing my both the places, after a lot of painful session I was free aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah…………………
then she took out her makeup kit & clip on ear rings & nose ring, chain, bangles, toe rings, ankle chain, rings she started with making my foot nails paint she painted 2 & asked me to do rest & then her too, after I finished doing for both then she taught me to put on artificial finger nails then to paint them then how to do a regular makeup or say to give a daily touchup with mascara on eyelash extenders, lipstick on lips, light powder & compact shaded lightly eyes.

I was feeling like in heaven!

Now she asked me to wear all the jewelery she had displayed there, I did the same as she asked me to do, then she brought one sweet beige colour salwar suit asked me to wear I was more than happy to do.

It was now my turn to b in front of mirror to see both the girls there, “it is difficult to identify who was not the girl till you knew” she remarked! Really it was true I too felt this.

She hugged me & said I want you to be my girlfriend most of the time we can!

I hugged & kissed her yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After that happiest movement she said, as you know you are getting married in next 25days & I shall be leaving for home to my home town within next 20 days for our marriage & to be permanently with you I want you to take interest in learning in all house hold chores & do that seriously so that your bride remains satisfied.

I blushed & said ok dear I will.

Ok then your classes begin today & fees I will take on our first night, she asked me to follow her to kitchen.

I fully dressed adored with light makeup, jewellery, bangles, artificial nails & well done nails, ankle chains, nose ring, 2” heel sandal followed her to the kitchen,

ringing of earrings!
tickling of bangles!
melody of ankle chain!
knocking of heels!
ooooooohhh WOW!

driving me crazy………………………………………………..

She: basic things regarding kitchen you know that I know, but to get you advance trained.
Me: ok
She: take the vegitables out of fridge, now wash them, & cut them.
Me: ok,

I did as was instructed but with some mistakes which were overlooked to be overcome

After cutting all the vegetables she started me training in cooking, about spices, usage of spices & many more including roti cooking.

She: honey as you are going to get married you should seriously learn how to cook well for your life partner.
Me: I will try learning seriously but as the time is short we can continue the training even after the marriage.
She: we have too.
Me: ok

She started me teaching how to walk, talk, sit & behave like womanly all the day’s work got me tired & I in the evening prepared tea for both & sat down in the balcony to have.

Me: dear shall I come out in balcony in this attire
She: ya sure no one can make you as a male, don’t worry.
Me: but I feel afraid
She: don’t be I am with you, be brave & come out

I came out shying but she supported a lot, in no time sitting there I became normal & loved sitting in open in my fem attire…………..

After the tea I changed & left for my home she asked me to keep the foot nails painted & keep them under socks even at home, since its just a matter of next 25 days then we will be leaving (for the city where I work & will join back after my leave taken is over) to live all alone in the home away from our native places,

We both knew our parents will not accept any such thing but we loved a lot each other.

She had a plan to have a sleepover with her gf at her place & did not wanted even her to know anything about our choices till she was assured that she can hold the words upto herself so she told me about the plans but said not to discuss anything with any one, she told her friend that I have no objection in her having a gf & would support her as & when required.

Both had a great night ahead & I was too tired that day so slept without having a talk with her…………………………



it became a routine from next day we used to meet at her place I used to dress up in her clothes & stuff & learn hose hold chores as a girl assisting her.

Somewhat ten or twelve days had past in the same routine we both had became good sahelis, liked to chat, took time to plan for future & many more.

The other day she on reaching home asked me to remain in bra & panty till she took all the measurements 

I had no idea what was she upto, but had a feeling of something was goin on in her mind, after she was thru she asked me to get dressed & start the day’s work by the time she had to do some chores urgently, did not disclosed to me.

I found it strange but had no choices I started as was instructed & she went away, the things kept on going in the same fashion even for next couple of days till the day she asked me to be blind folded & try some clothes I was astornished but as we know no choice had to do.

During the trial I was only able to assume the clothes may be a saree or a lehnga but was not sure why did she made do this.

Things again started rolling in the same fashion during the last couple of days we have planned our honeymoon to Bangkok  as that was the best place to our budget, both of us were enthusiastic being there &  have started planning to enjoy there.

Our marriage date was around seven more days she was leaving after two days, today we were chatting over the tea when she told me she always dreamed to marry a girl but due to family she had no courage to express her likes to the family & friends, I was not astonished to know as I have been observing her attitude towards her saheli rather than her fiancé she enjoyed more company of her sahei.

She even told me she felt me as her saheli only not her to be husband & she liked & respected me more when ever I am in my female attire.

She asked me to never leave dressing & try practicing more & more so that we can live like two girls whenever we are alone, she also wanted me to come in open with her whenever we can do comfortably.

I was happy to find such a supportive wife, it can be thought we both had the same liking that’s why she is supportive or I am cooperating with her likings even! May be…………………………… but we both were happy with the current situations.

I hugged her & kissed her forehead & walked to the room to change in order to leave for my home as the night was approaching …………………………….

She walked after me to the room as I undressed & was in ug’s she touched my body & said hairs have started growing you need waxing before the day of marriage shall we do it today or tomm.

Me: lets do it tomm.
She: ok

She asked me to shop wax & some other essentials on my way tomm/

Me: it will be a bit hesitating, but I will do.
She: don’t be shy, be bold & start shopping no one bothers what you are doing.
Me: ok

She asked me to keep wearing her ug’s below my clothes from today as they were not padded & can not be observed under my male clothes, also she was going to leave day after tomm. For her town for our marriage I also wanted to keep wearing but did not wanted to ask her as I did not wanted to peruse her from my side but as she asked me I did not discouraged my feelings.

She: from now on you should wear these 24x7 I don’t want to c you in those male ug’s
Me: but where will I wash the used as you are gone
She: I will give you sufficient ug’s you can wear & keep the used till I come permanently
Me:: ok
I liked the thought & agreed to her.
We were supposed to move to the city where I worked as soon we get married since I did not had more leaves & even her job was fixed there, our honeymoon was supposed to be after 15 days of our marriage due to our jobs.

I kept wearing the ug’s under my dress & went back to my home……………………………………………

I was enjoying the feel of the soft, comfy & supportive clothes underneath over the bed of sleep.

Dreaming the best of my dreams for our marriage & after marriage life……………………………………………

She left for her town next morning, when did the three next days passed I didn’t knew in the rituals going on all the time the big day of our marriage came.

All the past three days I have been wearing Ug’s given by her under my clothes I felt more than comfortable in them, we reached the stage garlanded each other & were very happy to have each other as their life partners we chatted as we got time alone on stage, she was more than happy to know me wearing the ug’s she gave.

After all the rituals we started towards our hotel where we were staying for marriage in her home town to complete all the final rituals & head for the big night tonight, I was thinking of the gift I have brought for our 1st night & was quite, she was having a small nap tiered of all the busy day & a small but heartfelt cry to depart from her home…..

We reached home many a rituals to be followed & kept the day busy giving a time for a short nap in the evening for the big night tonight.

I was waked up by the sweet bells of her bangles, she asked me to get up & get ready to go for a dinner at her parents’ home, everyone from my side has left for my city only we two were left here for the dinner & first night booked at a hotel.

We left for her place where I had a lot of talks with her parent’s & relatives before our dinner & she was busy in packing something with her best friend I was unaware of the stuff but she seemed to be quite a happy as I could see her from the sofa where I was sitting, we all dined together after dinner a couple of rituals more at last I felt they came to an end………..

We started hugging the younger & bowing to elders as to take the leave, now her friend came to wish us formally as she hugged her friend I saw they both pinched each other’s nipple in a way no one could see it I knew they both were lesb’s but I kept smiling she left her friend & winked at her, when her friend hugged me she similarly pinched my nipple I felt a jolt in my body & was numb as she walked away away smiling cunningly & winked me while leaving me…………..

I was not able to understand why she did the same to me but knew on doing so she must have felt the bra I was wearing! Do she knew about my cross dressing if not why did she not reacted over my wearing a bra!!!!!

I was still in a state of shock when my wife brought back to normal & smiled & said don’t worry

We boarded the car & just before I shot my first question she asked me to stay calm & enjoy the mood of the time & music rest you will know with the night to proceed she said smilingly!

I drove to hotel puzzled, saw her smiling but I had just no idea what was to come ahead………………………………

We went to our room it was all decorated & smelling the fresh flowers the fragrance of fresh jasmine made me out of my mind I hurriedly closed the door & bolted, walked to my wife & hugged her from back.

Me: at last we are together for ever
She: yes honey! You still doubt…. Ha ha ha
Me: now u tell me what was the big mystery between u & ur friend
She: wait honey let me change then we discuss.
Me: if u say so, but I cant wait come fast.

She changed to a White kurta & pajami with her hairs tied neatly in small bun comes out, I asked her what is all this I had expected her in a sexy out fit as for our first night.

She: winked yes a wife should be in a sexy outfit for her first night, but first they should get married !
Me: astonishingly but we are married !
She: yes you married a girl but my Tanya(my girly name which she had given in past) has to marry to be my wife!
Me: means?
She: get up & get dressed to be my bride I shall be your groom.
Me: shingly but what to wear?
She: opens the suitcase given by her friend & takes out the bridal lehnga & bridal lingerie set & handed me. This is my first night gift for my hubby/girlfriend/wife many roles you are playing but in real you are my best friend,
Me: hugged her, kissed her lips! Thanks honey

Within moments I change to the clothes & come back to the room, astonished to find her friend sitting with her there they both giggled.
Nikita(my wife): don’t be shy darling she is here to just do your make up & to get us married make it fast.
Rushel(friend): come on Tanya get ready for marriage fast.
Me: had no choice now just sat down on the dresser.

They both in couple of minutes made a bride well dressed & adored with jewels, bangles, pre hair done wig, first we garlanded each other then kept a bed side lamp on a floor & started taking pheras then nikita filled my maang with sindoor.

All the time her friend had taken our pictures & video’s, she handed over the cam to me & asked to give it to nikita as it was the only gift she has expected for her first night from me & It is filled with all loving memories too now.

We were in a honeymoon suit of the hotel nikita went to another room rushel made me sit on bed like a bride with the heavy lehnga still on me made me do ghoongat & asked me to behave like a bride as my hubby came, she left the room nikita bolted the room
& walked to me …………………..
She lifted the ghoonghat slowly I smiled & shyingly turned my face, she holded my chin & turned back towards her & said u really look beautiful bride I got up & bowed to her feet she blessed me with to remain sada suhagan !!! I offered her milk, we both drank the milk from the same glass, then after we both were on the bed with the clothes all over the floor since it was a time for wife’s to meet hubby’s …………………….. in private.

In the bed there was no compromise I was the husband & she was the wife.

Aaah……..ooooooo……more……….come on baby…………ouch….. room was filled with sounds & moans of her pleasure for the rest of night